Services Offered


Engraving/typesetting, transposing, part extraction, and transcribing are all services offered to church musicians, teachers, directors, and composers who wish to have easily-readable, clean, and professional-looking music. Contact us if you have a piece of music that you need prepared for rehearsal, publisher submission, or church service. If you have a full score with multiple instruments and would like to have standardized parts for each of your musicians, if you need a hymn key lowered or raised, or if you need a piece of music rewritten for a different set of voices or instruments, Glad Adoration is happy to offer excellent services to meet your needs.


Quality & Excellence


Glad Adoration promises an excellent final product that conforms to contemporary music notation standards. If you wish to have the final product printed professionally, let us know, and we’ll arrange to have it printed to your specifications and shipped to you just like our choral anthems. You can be assured that whatever the need, Glad Adoration will deliver a superior solution.




The various engraving services offered are highly adaptable to your particular needs: practically any original piece of music* can be sent in for typesetting, and if the piece needs transposing or parts extracted as well, arrangements will be made to produce a final product meeting your individual needs. Pricing for these services will be quoted upon initial receipt of the manuscript(s).

*Please note that all submissions for engraving services must comply with U.S. copyright laws. Any work which violates these laws will be returned and the transaction cancelled.