Lessons Offered


Glad Adoration offers a variety of music lessons to students of all ages who live in Worcester county, Massachusetts. Beginning, classical, and sacred piano, classical voice, music theory, and music composition are all available to anyone excited about the prospect of learning new music skills. David Galvin, Glad Adoration’s music instructor, received his undergraduate degree in Church Music with a Piano principal, and his graduate degree in Church Music with a Composition principal. He has extensive experience studying voice in both solo and choral settings. 


Quality & Excellence

Every lesson includes aspects of each of the key elements of musical knowledge: basic music theory, sight reading, aural skills, and contextual music history. Incorporation of various musical disciplines produces a more well-rounded musician able to function in many capacities. Lessons are tailored to the individual students’ needs, and are fun, engaging, and challenging. More advanced students in classical and sacred studies will be offered the opportunity for summer recitals, either in group or solo settings. These recitals provide goals toward excellence and encourage students to hone their musical skills in order to present an exceptional final product.


Lessons are offered throughout the daytime and evening on weekdays and Saturday. For those students who desire to study more than one discipline of music, lessons can be lengthened and adapted to accommodate multiple areas of study. For beginning piano students, lessons are typically 30 minutes long; for more advanced students, lessons as long as 90 minutes are offered. If, however, you desire a different lesson length between 30 and 90 minutes, your teacher will make arrangements to have a lesson fitting your schedule needs. Location is also flexible: if you have an instrument and music room suitable for lessons in your home, lessons may be held there; if you do not have such facilities, lessons may be held at a more central location convenient to you and the teacher. Pricing for lessons varies depending on the type(s) of lessons being taken, so please contact us with your inquiry for lessons to find out available times, locations, and pricing.